Practical Info

Dear Campers,

We look forward to welcoming you in the lovely city of Ghent for THATCamp Ghent 2015 on Friday March 27th, 2015. Here is info on some practicalities.


…. is free and open! You can register via the THATCamp website till Wednesday 25th March, 6 pm. Why don’t you join us? One of our groundrules is ‘have fun’. What more could you possibly want?


…. in the Faculty Library of Arts & Philosophy UGent (Rozier 44, 9000 Ghent). Psst. That’s across the famous Book Tower, our central University Library and land mark of the Ghent University as a whole.


…. we will start at 9:00 am with coffee and thee and cookies. See our schedule.


…. session proposals can be posted on our site via the WordPress dashboard (Posts > Add New). Log in with your personal password & ID. See what others have posted already here.

You can check the temporary schedule. After the scheduling session in the morning, the final programme will be announced on the site, through our Twitter account @tcghent (#tcghent) and of course at the venue itself.

During the sessions, campers are strongly invited to take public notes on Titanpad per session. That way people who how to write a introduction for a biology lab report are not attending THATCamp Ghent will also be able to see – live! – what is being said.


The Eduroam network is available in both rooms, guest accounts will be available for those who do not have Eduroam access. Just drop us a line at the registration desk.

Social Media

…. the official THATCamp Ghent twitteraccount is @tcghent . Don’t forget to use the hashtag #tcghent (also when using Instagram, Flickr etc. …) or the general #THATcamp hashtag.


…. due to the participation of international campers, most communication and sessions will be in English. Sessions that are attendend only by Dutch speaking participants can however be held in Dutch, if so preferred.


…. a free sandwich lunch is available, as are coffee and drinks do my homework in between sessions, sponsored by the Faculty Library of Arts & Philosophy UGent and DARIAH-Flanders.


Safe travels, and see you soon!

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